Soil Food Web and Worm Bin Building



Students will see the web of life in soil and understand its connection to soil health. Students will be able to build a worm bin.


Why is decomposition important? How can we build healthy soil?


Good ball of yarn, worm bin, worms, shredded paper, food for worms, spray bottle, decomposer poster, soil food web cards


What happens to leaves that fall on our lawns if we don’t rake them up? An old tree that falls in the forest?

Activity 1: Setting up worm bin:
What are an animal’s 5 basic needs? (​Have students turn to a neighbor to discuss​) Food, water, oxygen, habitat, livable temperature (​write on board​). How do these apply to worms? Think about where worms live. What is it like? How can we mimic that environment?

Activity 2: Play Soil Food Web Game
How is a food web different than a food chain?
What if we kept building this web all day?
How would this food web be different if it had fewer characters?
What if a few characters were cut out of the web? (option to literally cut a few characters off with scissors?)
How does this web affect you? Your health?

Wrap up: ​Have students make a “Dos and Don’ts” poster for the worm bin or a “How to make a worm bin” brochure