Salad Garden Eating and Celebration



Students will try fresh vegetable produce


What do we grow in the garden? How can we prepare a garden snack?


2 big bowls for lettuce and massaged kale salad; 4 small bowls for feta cheese, dried fruit, sunflower seeds and dressing; plastic bag; lemon juice, olive oil, rice vinegar, honey, salt; paper bowls and forks


• Bring a few students outside before class to help with harvesting, washing, and drying lettuce, kale, radishes, and peas or pea shoots, and gathering tablecloth, bowls for students, forks
• This lesson can work on it’s own or could happen during lunch time, if students can bring their lunches into the classroom. Set aside at least a half hour.
Set up: Set up a table in the classroom with tablecloth, and bowls filled with lettuce and all the fixings, bowls for students on front end, forks at the end

• Today we get to taste the delicious salad garden you guys grew!
• Have students who helped with harvest explain what they did
• Review each crop and how you made the salad dressing (2/3 olive oil to 1/3
rice vinegar + honey and salt) – what flavor does each of these ingredients
add to the dressing?
• Ask: what are some yummy ways to eat kale? Then pass around chopped kale
in plastic bag with lemon juice, olive oil, and salt for students to massage
• Explain the process: one at a time you will take a bowl and we will serve you
whatever pieces of this salad bar you would like. You do not HAVE to taste anything, but I encourage you to take a little bit of everything in your bowl, to at least smell and take a tiny bite
• Review eating manners: don’t yuck anyone’s yum! Activity:
• Students get their salads, taste, and describe the flavors!

Wrap up:
• Congratulate students for growing and tasting
• Share poems and show write up in the newspaper
• How could you grow your own salad garden at home?