Worm Painting



Students will make observations of how worms move, talk about the foods they like to eat and make art.


What job does a worm do in the garden? What foods do worms eat?



What kind of food do worms like to eat? Show them the beets and see if anyone recognizes them. We are going to make beet paint, teach these worms how to paint with the beet paint, and watch how they move around the paper. What will the art look like? (pink, lots of lines, etc)


  1. Start by having the students make the beet dye. They will take turns putting pieces of cut up beet into the juicer. Explain how to use the fruit/vegetable pusher to prevent putting a hand down the chute.
  2. When the dye is all made, pour it into the cups. Gently dip worms into beet juice and then place on construction paper. It is very important to just watch with your eyes so that worms can do their thing! Let them wiggle around, make observations about how their bodies move, and re-dip in beet juice as needed. As they slither, some of them will release castings, also known as compost – look for it in their trail!

Wrap up/Assessment
Add leftover beet scraps into the worm bin. Talk about how the worms eat healthy foods, which makes healthy soil, and grows more healthy plants.
Paint with another type of slithering bug (snail or slug) and notice the similarities or


Read Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin