Rainbow Scavenger Hunt



This activity encourages students to expand their field of vision to see a full spectrum of things in their garden


What is growing in our garden?



Introduction Explain that you have a challenge for the class. Tell the class that you challenge them to find every color of the rainbow in the garden and ask if they think they can do that. Review the colors of the rainbow and show examples to students at circle.

Activity Take students into their outdoor space in small groups. Give them paint chips so that they have a visual aide while outside. Depending on the garden space, decide whether or not they can just pick whatever they want, or if there is a limit or rule for picking. There will be a lot of green, brown and yellow. Encourage them to find all of the colors. Make sure they find every color of the garden! Ask them to identify what they have found – is it a marigold, tomato, flower, or? Lay the rainbow paint chips out and have children sort their samples by color.


Have a rainbow feast with fruits and vegetables of every color.