Noche de los Rabanos (Night of the Radishes)



Students will be able to describe the cultural importance of the the Oaxacan festival “Noche de los Rabanos”. They will practice key vocabulary, design and carve or paint a radish.


Why is there a city-wide festival dedicated to radishes in Oaxaca?


Class One:

Noche de los Rabanos slideshow for class

Noche de los Rabanos slideshow with notes
Radish Carving Planning Sheet

Class Two Materials dependent on what students outlined in their planning worksheet. We used: 


Class One: 


Show slideshow & ask class what they think we will be exploring today after looking at the picture & title. Ask students to translate the festival, breaking up the phrase word by word.

Go through the slideshow and use the included notes to explain how the festival is set up and what sorts of sculptures teams create. The slideshow includes images and videos to give context and more detail about this festival. Note: the times for the videos are included in the slide notes.


After slideshow, explain that we will be carving our own radishes next class. We need to plan our carvings just like the contestants do.

Project worksheet onto the board & go through step by step what is asked. Go through an example of how you would answer each question. Explain to students that their exit ticket is a sketch and list of materials needed for the next class.

Go around & help students brainstorm. One strategy to engage students is to have them interview each other.

Class Two: 

* If knife use is a concern in the class, then the planning and sculpting can all be done with paint! It is just as effective and students still have an opportunity to share what is important to them through paint.

Wrap up/Assessment
Display radishes and/or photos in the school newsletter, in the hallway or foyer of the school.