Lasagna Garden Bed Lesson



Students will know how to make a lasagna garden bed, and understand the process that turns the lasagna into rich soil.


Microsoft Word – Lasagna Garden Lesson.4th Grade.docx

How does decomposition work in the garden?


• Mixture of nitrogen/green sources or organic waste: food waste/grass
• Mixture of carbon/dry sources of organic waste: newspaper, dry leaves
• Cardboard
• Watering cans


• What happens to leaves when they fall off the trees in the woods? Bodies of animals when they die in the woods? Have you ever taken a walk in the woods and come across an old tree stretched across the path, with moss and mushrooms growing on it and hundreds of spiders and bus making their home in it? You have seen the beginnings of the way in which an important part of the soil is made. This part, which comes from dead plants and animals, is called organic matter. How do you think these dead plants and animals become soil? What do you think organic matter adds to the soil?
• How do you make regular lasagna? (layer pasta, sauce and veggies, cheese)
• What do you think the ingredients for our outdoor lasagna might be? o (organic matter: 1. Compost (fresh organic matter like the stuff
from our jars – this stuff is full of nitrogen – helps microorganisms to develop their bodies = food!), 2. Mulch (dry organic matter –this stuff is full of carbon – energy source for all living organisms), 3. Moist cardboard on the bottom (creates a nice habitat for worms on the bottom – another carbon source)


Create teams for each task
• Measure garden bed area (can be done ahead of time)
• Turn soil in garden bed area (can be done ahead of time)
• Place moist cardboard over garden bed area
• Place 4-6 inches of compost over garden bed area
• Place 6 inches of carbon layer over the area
• Water the bed

Wrap up/ Assessment:
• Ask children/have them write/draw: What does the garden bed look like now and how will it look in the spring? How will it change? Who will live in the lasagna bed?


Connect with compost in a jar and other soil experiment