5 Senses Scavenger Hunt



Students will learn about each of the five senses and connect them to something in the garden.


Which senses do we use in the garden?


5 senses scavenger hunt worksheets, clipboards, markers



At circle, ask students if they know what our senses are. Explain that our senses are what we use to gather information about what’s happening around us. Show them a worksheet and let them help you name the five senses by looking at the pictures, asking them questions like “what are our noses for?” to help them guess the answer. Explain that we’re going to go outside and try to use each of our five senses to explore the garden. Remind the students to ask before eating anything.


  1. Out in the garden, choose a plant as an example and ask the children questions about it- can you eat it? Can you hear it? Does it smell? Tell the children that we are trying to find a plant for each of our five senses. When they find a plant that smells good, they can draw a picture of it next to the nose on their worksheet, or circle it/cross it off.
  2. Let the children explore the garden, assisting when necessary.

Wrap up/ Assessment:

Back at circle or at a table in the garden, go over each sense and ask the children if they found a plant that they could smell, taste, touch, etc. and if they remember what it was or want to share their drawing of it.


Plant a sensory garden