Seed to Harvest Sequencing



Students will follow the growth of a pea seed into plant into food. They will put the steps of this journey in sequence. This is a follow-up activity to planting.


What happens to a seed as it grows?


Strips of paper, enough for each student – cut an 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper long way so you get two pieces 4.25 by 11 inches. Fold it up so it becomes an accordion. Crayons, Magnifying glasses, Pea seeds, pea shoots, pea plants


What happens to a pea seed when you plant it? Ask students if they know the steps from seed to harvest, and talk it out.
The first spot in the accordion book is for the name of your crop. Work with kids to help them write it out or a draw a picture to represent the plant. Explain that we will use this book to draw pictures of the plant as it grows up.
Next, have students closely examine the seeds and draw a picture of them in the beginning of their accordion book. What happens as the seed starts to grow? It’s helpful to have pea shoots and mature pea plants to look at to remember what they look like as they are growing. In order, draw pictures of the seed sprouting, starting to grow, making flowers and turning into peas.
Wrap up/Assessment
Send books home with kids when they are completed after “harvest”.
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