Seed Bingo



Evaluate seed identification and knowledge with this game.


What are seeds? What do seeds grow into?


Four Seed Bingo boards with name of plant and picture (e.g., bean plant for bean, pumpkin, sunflower, etc), Bingo chips, Seeds that correspond to Bingo board, Jar to hold seeds


Introduction: “Let’s talk about seeds!” Ask students, “What do we already know about seeds? What can you remember from Kindergarten?” Write responses on the board or on a KWL sheet.
–Review how seeds travel, from visits to Polly Hill by the students in Kindergarten Ask students, “What do seeds look like?”
Invite students to share with the person next to them the biggest seed they have ever seen…the smallest seed…etc.
Ask students, “Do all seeds look the same? How can we tell what types of seeds are which?”
Explain that today we are going to play a game to help us remember!

Activity: Seed Bingo – hand out seed bingo cards, one to each student.
Ask for a student to explain to the rest of the class how to play bingo.
“Well today, we are playing seed bingo. I am going to show you a seed, and if you think you have that seed on your card raise your hand.” Remind students not to yell out answers, but instead to let everyone in the class have a chance to figure it out. The first person to make a straight line across their bingo board wins! Pull out the first seed and show it to the class either on an overhead projector, or by placing the seed on a sheet of paper on each table. Repeat with different seeds until a student wins the game.

Wrap up/ Assessment: Students draw a picture of one (or more) of the seeds, and a picture of its corresponding parent crop.