Seed Art



This activity is a good follow-up for the “Introduction to Seeds” lesson and helps to increase students’ familiarity with different types of seeds, and allows them to manipulate them in a creative way.


What are seeds? What do they grow into?


Seeds of different sizes/types, Sturdy paper, Glue


Explain that today we are going to use seeds in a fun and different way to create some artwork. We will use some of the seeds we have been learning about and see what we can make with them. Show students the tray of seeds. Do they recognize any of the seeds? Briefly point to each seed and tell them what they are. Seeds come in all shapes and sizes. What is unique about each of these seeds? What are their differences? Which is the biggest? Smallest?
Demonstrate on a piece of paper how to use the correct amount of glue to attach a seed to the paper. Show the group how they can arrange the seeds to create a picture. Let them get started and talk to them about the seeds they are choosing while they are creating.
Wrap up/Assessment
What seeds did you use on your art project?