Planting Peas



Students will know how to plant seeds


How do we grow food?


Pea seeds, hand rakes, bagged compost (optional), watering cans (optional)


Introduction: During circle, explain to students that since it’s spring, it’s time to start planting
seeds outside in the garden! The first vegetables that can be planted are peas. Review the
rules of the garden, and explain that first we’re going to use garden tools to loosen the soil in
our garden beds, then we’re going to plant some pea seeds.

  1. Start by removing any weeds or leaves from the garden bed. Review the different
    types of tools available, and how to use them correctly.
  2. Open the bag of compost and let the children look at it. Ask them what they notice,
    and whether it looks different than the soil in the garden bed.
  3. Dump out the bag of compost and work together to mix it into the bed. Once the
    compost and soil are mixed, use the tools to flatten the soil and prepare it for
    planting. Put all the tools away.
  4. Show the children what the pea seeds look like. Demonstrate using a finger to poke a
    hole in the soil, putting a seed in the hole, and covering it up.
  5. Let the children plant all their seeds.

Wrap up/ Assessment: Ask the children what the seeds need to be able to grow- water! Fill
watering cans and gently water the peas. Ask the children how long they think it will take for
the peas to grow. Will they be growing when we come out to the garden next week?


Build a pea trellis
Taste pea shoots
Make pea shoot pesto