Introduction to Seeds



Students will be able to identify different seeds and match them to their plant. They will also understand different uses for seeds.


Where do seeds come from?


A variety of seeds and matching plants (tomato, bean, corn, pumpkin, cucumber, rainbow chard)


Introduction: Ask students what they know about seeds: What do seeds look like? What do seeds feel like? What do seeds taste like? Are all seeds the same?
Students can share about seeds that they know, and what they have done with them.

Activity: Each student gets a cup with 6 different seeds. Identify the seeds one at a time. Ask students to find the biggest seed, the smallest seed, the white seed, the smoothest seed, the roughest seed, etc. Discuss what each of these seeds might grow into.

Wrap up/ Assessment: At their desks, students have a worksheet with 6 boxes, one for each seed. On the desk there are the six different plants. The students have to match the plant with the seed. When they know which seed goes with which plant, they paste the seed to the square with the name of the plant.


Students may draw the plant that matches their seed.
Students may work on a garden sign that shows the seed and the plant.