Growing Classroom Pea Shoots



Students will learn about what seeds need to grow by planting, taking care of, harvesting and eating pea shoots.


How do seeds grow? What are our favorite fruits and veggies?


Container for planting
Organic potting soil
Soaked and un-soaked pea seeds (bag of yellow peas at grocery store is 89 cents) Just sprouting pea seeds (optional for extension – would need to soak 3 days before lesson)
Spray bottle


Hand out a dried pea seed to each student. Ask them what they notice about the seed. Ask them if it is alive? What would happen to it if we planted it? Has anyone ever eaten pea shoots?

  1. Have students take turns putting handfuls of soil into the container until it is full. What do they notice in the potting soil? How does it feel? What does the potting soil do for the seed?
  2. Show students dried and soaked pea seeds. What happened to the seeds when they were put into the water? Why? What is the same about the two different types of seeds? What’s different about the two different types of seeds?
  3. Have students take turns popping the seeds into the soil.
  4. Spray soil until moist.
    Wrap up/Assessment

Dissect just sprouted pea seeds. Point out the root beginning to grow and any leaves that are visible.
Harvest and eat pea shoots!


Make pea shoot pesto
Grow pea shoots in a root view box