Farm Vocabulary



Students will be able to identify the animals, tools, and machines on a farm based on different descriptions.


What are the jobs on a farm? What are the tools used on a farm? What are the jobs of the animals on a farm? What does a farm do?


Farm Vocabulary Matching Game Cards, Blank piece of paper/Student Journal, Pencils


We have been talking a lot about farms, and now I think we are ready to start putting together our own farm booklets.
The first thing we need to do is create farm vocabulary. To do this, we are going to play a matching game (you may have played a similar game in math!)

Hand out note cards – animal, human and farm machine – to students. One per student.
Give students 2 minutes to read their card to themselves. Ask if anyone has a question about any words on their card.
Invite students to stand in a circle. Choose one students to begin. This student reads the question on their card.
Ask for the person who has the answer to that question on their card to raise their hand. Continue until every card has been read.
Teacher can be the scribe and write the farm vocabulary words on a large piece of paper as they are being read out loud. Keep the vocabulary list on the board.

Wrap up/ Assessment:
In their journals, students write down all of the farm vocabulary words they can remember. They can refer to the list on the board for help.