Farm Jobs: Machines and Animals



1-LS1-1: Use materials to design a solution to a human problem by mimicking how plants and/or animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs.


Students will identify the various jobs on a farm. Students will make the connection between jobs that animals do, and jobs that machines do.


What are the jobs on a farm? What does a farm do?


Farm animal note cards (see last page), Farm machine note cards (see last page), Farm Jobs worksheet: Combined sheets


Review farm animals – what are some of the products that come from farm animals? Now, to make sure a farm is running properly there are lots of other jobs that must be done.
Ask students, “What are some jobs on a farm?” Make a list on the board.
Go through the jobs and ask students who does each of these jobs. Do animals? Do humans? Do machines?
Hand out note cards – both animal and farm machine – to students. One per student. Give students 2 minutes to read their card to themselves. Ask if anyone has a question about any words on their card.
“Meet and greet” : students walk around the room, and shake hands with one another, introducing themselves as either their animal or their machine. When they find someone who has the same “farm job” as they do, they stand aside. Continue the game until everyone has found a match.

Wrap up/ Assessment:
On their Farm Jobs worksheet, students draw a picture of an animal and a machine that fulfill the same farm job. They also write a sentence about why that job is important on the farm.