Farm Food Web



Students understand that many products they use, wear, and eat come from farms.


How do farms support us? What do farms make?


Farm web cards printed and laminated, short pieces of yarn


Introduction: Why should we care about farms? Do farms support anything other than us humans?
• What do farms make? Do different farms focus on different products?
• We are going to make a farm web of the outputs of a farm (ask students to
define output) – first we will use these cues, then you will get to make your own web.

• Tell: Agriculture begins in the soil on the farm. Place farm picture at the center of the floor.
• Hand out the rest of the pictures to the students.
• Which pictures should go closest to the farm picture? (things grown on the farm) Connect pictures to each other with pieces of yarn.
• Which pictures connect to those pictures? What words would you use to connect them?
• Should other pictures be added to the web?
• Ask students: are there any products here that you’re surprised by? Did you know that all these products come from farms?
• Are there any places or people or things you think you might see differently after this activity?

Wrap up/Assessment:
• Option 1: Trace one arm of the web from the center farm to its farthest lengths. Draw the connections and write a sentence to explain what’s happening in your picture. What else could you connect to the pieces in your picture?


Option 2: Have students design their own webs, focusing on a specific type of farm (fiber, vegetables, meat, forest etc.)